U.S. Fiduciary Advisors, LLC is a network of individuals willing and capable of serving as trustees. “USFid” has been in business since 1999.

USFid was created at the suggestion of several leading trust and estate lawyers, particularly those reluctant to serve as fiduciaries themselves.  Many families and their advisors perceive a need for seasoned independent (non-family) fiduciaries with experience and integrity, instead of or in addition to institutional trustees.  We provide and support professionals for those roles.

Our fiduciaries are capable of handling a variety of situations; their backgrounds are impressive, with relevant prior corporate or professional experience. In addition to the individuals in our existing network, USFid provides a “search” function to find the right fiduciary depending on a client’s needs…a certain geography, experience with an unusual asset class, a personal “fit.”  The resulting relationship is between the client and the chosen fiduciary, with USFid providing ongoing quality review and support.

Most of our work focuses on family succession and wealth planning.  However, our fiduciaries have also served beneficiaries of large legal settlements, acted as executors, and played key roles in the myriad of other situations that require trusts or similar vehicles. USFid professionals often function as a “quarterback” to organize and direct other specialists.  While we are occasionally contacted by clients themselves, we are more often approached by the “architect” of client plans — usually a lawyer, and sometimes an asset manager or accountant.

We are known for, and proud of, our basic values, our hands-on attention to details, and our track record of doing things right the first time.