TERRY NEWMYER (A. G. Newmyer III) founded U.S. Fiduciary Advisors in 1999 and continues as a director.  He began his career in real estate syndication and development during the early 1970’s, followed by 20 years at Newmyer Associates, Inc., developing public affairs strategy for clients.  He currently serves as a professional fiduciary, director, investor, and consultant.

Mr. Newmyer was a founding independent director of the billion dollar Thornburg Limited Term Municipal Fund, where he chaired the audit committee.  He was also a founding member of the board of The Economic Club of Washington. He is currently on the board of several privately-held companies in which he is an active investor. Within the nonprofit sector, Terry headed the management team for the National Conference on Citizenship, a congressionally-chartered organization active in fostering our nation’s civic engagement renewal, and served as founding chairman of The Fair Care Foundation, a patient advocacy group focused on health insurance. He graduated with senior honors from Phillips Academy, Andover, and earned his B.A., cum laude, at Yale University.

BARRY BYRD is a partner at the law firm of Pineiro & Byrd, P.A., in Palm Beach County, Florida, specializing in real estate law.  He has practiced for over 25 years. Barry has held leadership positions in numerous community organizations and served as president of his area’s Chamber of Commerce.  He currently chairs both the Abacoa Partnership for Community and the Boys & Girls Club of Riviera Beach.

BETSY CAVENDISH is a consultant, real estate investor, and volunteer with a number of organizations, currently Executive Director of Appleseed Foundation. She earned her undergraduate degree, summa cum laude, at Yale, as well as her law degree.  Betsy was an attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice and taught law at the University of Illinois.

DAVID CHEW is a manufacturing executive and investor in start-ups.  He serves as chief executive of two related companies in northern California and has extensive interests on the east coast as well.  He is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and holds an MBA from The Wharton School.  David was assistant to U. S. Senator Bob Dole and served as executive assistant to Treasury Secretary Don Regan and as staff secretary in the Reagan White House.  He then headed the corporate planning and issues staffs at Aetna Life and Casualty.

CRAIG TURK is a political consultant and screenwriter in Los Angeles.  He graduated from Harvard College with high honors, pursued graduate studies in politics at Oxford University, and earned his law degree with honors at Harvard. Craig served as chief counsel of John McCain’s presidential campaign, and has practiced law in Washington and California. Craig advises political parties in Europe and Asia, as well as domestically.  He is a board member of the Epilepsy Foundation in Los Angeles.